Epoxy Concrete Flooring

Advanced Refinishing has nearly three decades of experience remodeling and renovating local residential and commercial environments across the greater West Palm Beach, FL region. This depth of experience translates to superior craftsmanship and satisfaction, and this is true for all of our services – including epoxy concrete flooring preparation.

While some flooring contractors may only choose to use a single brand of epoxy concrete material, Advanced Refinishing can always recommend the best epoxy concrete floorings for your property’s specific needs or your individual project budget. Depending on what you are looking for, we can provide the perfect floor coating for enhanced chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, or overall longevity and strength.

Benefits of Epoxy Concrete Flooring:

  • No Peeling – Diamond grinding ensures a superior bond that won’t peel over time.
  • UV Stable Flooring – The base coat will never fade and the top coat will never yellow
  • Chemical Resistant – Don’t fret over spilled oil or gas. It’s perfect for garage floors.
  • Crack & Spalling Repair – Our team fills cracks, spalling, and control joints.

How The Whole Process Works

Advanced Refinishing begins by preparing the concrete. Cracks and seams are filled and the whole floor undergoes professional diamond grinding to smooth the surfacing and to provide superior adhesion for the next step.

For the next step, Advanced Refinishing adds a polyurea/epoxy base coat (or tinted primer base coat) to the top layer of the diamond grinded floor.

For the third step, Advanced Refinishing adds a full layer of decorative chips to your surfacing. These decorative chips are broad-cast for a completely full and even coverage. There’s also a full range of colors available to match any customer preference.

The final step consists of our team adding a high durability clear coat called polyurea clear coat which provides a chemical-resistant and UV stable top layer. This coat won’t discolor over time and keeps your floor looking pristine for years to come.

We charge fair rates for our painting work at Advanced Refinishing, and we even accept most major credit cards to help you pay for your projects the way you want. We also offer free estimates, so call us today at (561)-633-5039.


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